Iron Mike Held In Arizona for Driving Under Influence

mike_tyson_portrait_lighting_correctedIt was around 1:45 am on Friday morning when a BMW came with great velocity and rammed the SUV and troubles escalated at once for Mike Tyson as Sgt. Larry Hall stopped him and after being asked Sgt. found the heavyweight boxer driving under the influence(DUI) of cocaine and arrested him right away.

The incident occurred early morning on Friday when Tyson left the Scottsdale nightclub(wonderful place to visit), at mid-night and drove away vigorously under the influence and struck a SUV.

After arresting the boxer Hall said that he was quite co-operative as after being checked two bags of white powder were found in his back pocket. However he has already confessed that he is addicted of such malpractices.

The subject matter is same that has thrown once again the great boxer in to hot water and after being routed by Irish heavyweight boxer Kevin Martin McBride in sixth round and sexual assaults.

The drug addiction has spoiled the career of many legendry sportspersons and Tyson is one of them.

Via: ndtv