Who Makes Winchester Gun Safes?

Winchester is a top gun company that has been around since 1866, and has been associated with the production of high quality guns such as the Winchester rifles that are popular the world over. However, it was not before 1991 that the company began to produce high quality safes for the storage of guns. These came to be known as Winchester gun safes. The company uses cutting edge techniques and materials to fabricate the safes that can keep guns well-protected. These can also help preserve gun accessories, license and other documents. Know about the advantages of these safes.

Burglar proof

These safes are constructed with high quality steel, usually of 8 – 9 gauge, which is thick enough to prevent cutting or drilling of the surface. Each gun safe from the brand is tested for being burglar proof. If safes are damaged by burglars, the company replaces them. In any case, these safes are offered with a limited lifetime warranty. The safe lock is offered with a 2-year warranty. Winchester has been in the gun industry for around 150 years and the best quality can be expected from them. Most of its safes are integrated with a unique Anti-Burglar System that can protect safes from all potential loopholes that could be exploited by burglars. There is a finger print scanner in such safes, ensuring there are no worries about theft of arms.

Fire resistance

These are fire resistant for up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, and can withstand such high temperatures for as long as 45 – 120 minutes. The tolerance to fire actually depends on the safe model that is chosen. In case of fire damage to a Winchester safe within the warranty period, the company replaces it. Safes with higher armament capacity are able to bear heat for a longer period as compared to those with a smaller capacity.

Solid construction

The build quality for these safes is excellent. There are various deadbolts that make sure that the guns contained inside are properly sealed from the outside. The thickness of steel and the use of a number of deadbolts ensure that the steel body and door cannot be easily cut through. Even with prying tools, these can be extremely tough to open manually. Winchester gun safes manufacturing plant is situated in the USA. The safes are designed to ensure that guns will not be damaged or affected even while the safes are in transit.

What are the Best Snorkeling Fins?

Fins are extremely important snorkeling gears. These have a wide, flat surface and let snorkelers travel easily beneath water. If the fins are larger, they offer more amount of force in the front direction. However, larger fins are bulkier as well and can restrict motion. Read and know what the best snorkeling fins are that you should go for.

Check the fin size

The larger the fins, the more force they provide in the forward direction; but larger fins are also heavier and may impede motion. Medium-sized fins are reportedly best. Those in traditional or standard size are 24 – 26 inches long. The length has no association to the amount of kicking, power or speed of swimming. However, these are ideal for choppy or calm water. Fins in travel or trek size are smaller in form – usually 13 – 23 inches in length. However, you have to put in more effort to move through water while using such fins.

Fin type

You can find Snorkel fins in full-foot and heel-strap styles. Full-foot fins come with heels that are built in and worn in the form of shoes. Thus, these allow more comfort and are less clumsy. Heel-strap fins are more adjustable, and are ideal for kids. However, it is important to put on footwear beneath the fin. Given that fins that are directly worn on the feet can lead to blisters, if you are a beginner you would like to put on socks beneath them.

Tears or rips

Before you enter the water, you should also check the whether the fins have tears or rips. You can repair fins quickly with a few stitches and duct tape. When you purchase fins, it is essential to inspect the entire surface thoroughly – so that there are no holes or damages that you have to encounter after you dive with them.


When you purchase fins, it is also essential that you ensure they are in light in weight so that your movement is not hampered in any way. You need lightweight fins that can aid you in swimming. Check whether the fin blades are constructed of a polyurethane material that is flexible in form.


It is not that snorkeling fins can only be found in dull, standard designs. You can also find designer fins that have colorful patterns, which appeal to snorkelers who want to make a fashion statement even as they dive.

What is a Car Gun Safe?

As the owner of a firearm, the first thing that you need to do is ensure the safekeeping of your gun. Many people tend to drive with their gun in their dashboard, so as to access it easily in case they sense a break-in into their vehicle or mugging on the highway. However, this also leaves guns in the wrong hands. You have to ensure that you comply with the latest laws of your state with respect to gun security, and invest in a car gun safe.

What exactly is a Car Gun Safe?

As the name suggests, it is a gun safe designed especially to be kept in vehicles. It is basically a portable safe that can keep your valuable guns out of sight. Generally, the safe is made of steel and is secured with an electronic or biometric lock to keep guns hidden from view. The safe can be fit easily inside a car, truck or any other vehicle. In many cases, these are small enough to be kept beside the seat. The safes are screwed to the console cavity to secure them in the vehicle, and prevent them being stolen easily. Once the console lid is lowered the safe stays hidden from view.

What can car gun safes contain?

These are mainly designed to contain guns. However, you can also keep valuable papers such as gun license documents within many of them. This is because many such cases are designed with thermal inner pockets with foam lining that can ensure safekeeping of important documents. Even fires or water entering the cars cannot damage the guns or documents for at least an hour. By that time, you can take steps to extricate your car or at least, the safe that is contained inside your vehicle.

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Gun safes of console vault style and non-portable, but let you access the USB ports easily. These can be secured to various parts of your vehicle, such as to the trunk to the car seat frame. Basically, your objective should be to get the ability to access your gun at any time you want.

How to choose a car gun safe?

It is important to look for a very strong and durable construction, such as one that is made out of aircraft grade steel. The safe should be portable or non-portable depending on your needs and choices. Look for ease of access, such as biometric technology, as well as resistance to elements such as fire and water.

Best Kayak Brands You Should Consider

One of the most popular outdoor sports is kayaking. It offers so much fun and a unique view for those who love open waterways. It is not easy to have fun kayaking, you have to get right practice and also get right brands of kayak. You can’t choose it randomly, you may need to get recommendations before you get serious into this sport. When you can pick the best kayak brands, the excitement and also the riding experience will be different. You can glide while you enjoy the water sight.

There are many places you can do kayaks like smooth lakes, ocean waves, or even swift rivers. Choose any place you want, the most important thing in enjoying them is choosing the best brands of kayak. Kayak will help you to enjoy and explore the sight of waterways. It is not easy to choose kayak brands, but when you can pick the right recommendation, then you will get long-term excitement in playing this sport. If you want to get the best kayak brands, then you have to see this list and make quick comparison between one to another brand, so you can choose the best one. Here are top brands you can consider on wish list.

best kayak brands
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Ocean Kayak

In choosing best kayak brands, you have to know where to do kayak. You have to understand your area because manufacturers will not make kayak for your needs, but you have to make it fit your needs. Choose kayak type that will let you free to explore the surface of the water. If you consider the capability of kayak to give you easy maneuver, then choose the brand that suits the features like that. Ocean Kayak is one of the best kayak brands you cannot leave. It’s established in 1971. This brand leads to innovative and new features that will keep the player to get addicted to kayaking because the comfort and safety of Ocean Kayak are beyond expectation. There are many types of Ocean Kayak which you can choose based on your needs.

Dagger Kayak

Our second best is Dagger Kayak. It will let you explore joyfully on the waterways you have chosen. No matter you are kayaking, Dagger Kayak will never fail to excite you. They offer various type of Kayak depending on water surface chosen from mountain to sea. The challenge you pick for kayaking has been covered by various types of Dagger Kayak. They do manufacture based on the types of water surface so you will not regret once you get one. Choose the best kayak brands, and Dagger Kayak is one of them that you cannot avoid.

Lifetime Product

Since 1986, Lifetime had been serious in making outdoor equipment for any occasion including for camping, picnic, and kayaking. What makes this brand as one of the best kayak brands is the durability that could be the most durable kayak with basic features of kayak. They keep the simplicity in comfort and features because when you are kayaking, the only thing you want must be the excitement and experience. So, you will not make your story ruined by amateur kayak brand that might be problem for your hobby.

Biometric Gun Safe PS-10-B Personal Safe

A biometric gun safe are very useful for those who have firearms, handguns and other ammunition at their home, office are there business place. There are other ways to store ammunition. You can use old methods to store your ammunition, however, there is certain risk involved will you store in unsafe and breakable storages such as big containers, your cupboard, wooden containers or some standard safe.

In order to secure your ammunition from threads such as if you have pistols at your home and if your house is blessed with a couple of kids who love modern technology like any other kids, every kid like toys, in this case, you can take guns and firearms. Living the weapons unsafe in the presence of children is not safe and sometimes if the kid attempt to gain access to the weapons then that could prove to be very dangerous. Children are innocent they don’t know what are the consequences of playing with an actual gun, but you are.

If you have an ammunition at your home then you should definitely get a gun safe. The gun safe is going to protect your ammunition from various threats such as it will keep the children away from gaining access to the ammunition, it will protect ammunition from the Fire, it will also prevent unauthorized people to access it, which is cool.

Biometric Gun Safe:

Which is the recommended biometric gun safe to buy to store ammunition or personal reasons.

As time passed by technology has improved rapidly which resulted in new inventions to make our life easy. The new inventions of innovative minds have helped several small and big businesses to make them worry free.

Your requirement is to protect your ammunition from all kind of threats, it could be from for your, unnecessary events, to move ammunition from one place to another or any other reason.

You can do that with the help of biometric gun safe. A biometric gun safe is very safe when it is compared to other safe guns. Biometric access will prevent any unauthorized person to access the biometric gun safe. The biometric gun set in only be open and closed by the authorized person. The amazing part of the biometric gun safe it is like and you can carry it anywhere.

The only problem with biometric gun safe is the storage capacity biometric gun safe or less when it is compared with the other gun safe storage capacity. Not only that biometric gun safe doesn’t have the advantages you get from the gun safe. There is some gun safe manufacturer who is offering more than 5 years of warranty while biometric gun safe is covered with only one year of warranty.

Biometric Gun Safe PS-10-B Personal Safe:

If you own a licensed firearm then you should definitely get a gun safe. A biometric gun safe is one of the best options for you. If your budget is low and you have only 2 or 3 firearms then you should definitely get a biometric gun safe which can cost you around less than a hundred bucks.

Biometric Gun Safe PS-10-B Personal Safe Several unique features such as fingerprint recognition, you can add more than 2 uses and give them access to the safe, the model has a capacity of 5 Fire arm storage, the biometric gun safe has fire protection which can with stand up to 900 degrees, which is amazingly value added gun sale at a price of $100.



Honestly, if we look at the price we cannot simply look into the features that this model doesn’t have. Overall Biometric Gun Safe PS-10-B Personal Safe has some unique features and it does come under $100.


Spinning wizard Warne reaches yet another landmark, clinches 700 Test wickets

Seizing yet another five wicket haul in the fourth Ashes test match against Englang, Shane Warnebecome not only the first Australian but first ever test player, in the history of world cricket, to reach the 700 Test wickets landmark. English opening batsman, Andrew Strauss, become the 700th victim of Warne when he was clean bowled at the personal score of 50 runs with a perfect leg-break by the spinning wizard. His other victims (for the day) were Kevin Peterson (21), Chris Read (3), Steve Harmison (7) and Monty Panesar (4). Safety of your guns is important factor if you are a gun owner. Winchester gun safes have always been on top of mind for people who think about buying gun safes.

Warne claimed his 37th five-wicket haul as England faltered for 159, the ever lowest total by a Test team winning the toss and batting first at the MCG since 1878, all out on day one of the fourth Ashes Test at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the home ground of Warne. Story would have even worse for the visitors if Adam Gilchrist and Matthew Hayden had not missed the easy chances.
Speedsters Brett Lee and Stuart Clark provided a brilliant start to the home team as they obtained two wickets each and McGrath claimed one wicket, as well, to complete his 150 Ashes wickets. But once again it was Warne who destroyed the English tail with the five wicket heave on a seamers friendly track. Warne later asserted,

I wasn’t in any hurry to bowl. I thought the seamers would get six or seven wickets and then I hoped that I might pick up a couple of the tail. To get five wickets on a seamer’s pitch is pretty satisfying. I’ve been sitting there thinking I can’t believe it has happened. Whoever is writing my scripts at the moment can’t seem to go wrong.

English captain, Andrew Flintoff, hit back late in the day when he send Justin Langer and the night watchman Brett Lee (for a golden duck) to the pavilion with consecutive balls to close the Australian innings 48-2 at the close of day one.

This always was on the cards that Shane certainly will reach the milestone in this match, but nobody would have expected England batters to come with such a fantastic and wonderful gift for the spinning maestro, as most of his (Warne’s) victims played rash and irresponsible shots and throw wickets bowing to the master of spin.

This is Warne’s last Test at the Melbourn Cricket Ground and a huge (home) crowed turned up to witness and share the historical moment. Warne was happy to reach the milestone in front of home crowd, as he reflected later in the day,

To do it here in Melbourne … I don’t know who is writing my scripts but they’re pretty good.

Via: BBC

Mclaren and Fernando Alonso part ways

Two-time formula one world champion Fernando Alonso has agreed to leave the Mclaren team after just one year into the three-year contract. The Spaniard joined Mclaren from French team Renault at the start of the year. Mclaren boss Ron Denis announced that the contract was terminated by mutual consent.

The Mclaren-Alonso relationship was a turbulent one throughout the season and the Spaniard accused the racing team of favouritism towards rookie teammate Lewis Hamilton. Many thought that Fernando Alonso was throwing these accusations just because his pride and ego were getting hurt by the brilliant driving of a driver who was in his very first season in formula one driving. According to reports Fernando Alonso threatened team boss Ron Denis of providing secret information to the FIA regarding the Ferrari-Mclaren spy scandal until and unless he was made the number one driver of the team which led to a furious row between the two. The situation was so bad that the two men were not on speaking terms for most of the second half of the season.

It remains to be seen where is the likely destination of Fernando Alonso for the next championship season, but if popular beliefs are to go by, the Spaniard will rejoin his old team Renault in a swapping deal with the French team’s Finnish driver Heiki Kovalainen who will in turn join Mclaren. But for Alonso, joining Renault would mean that there is a danger for the great driver to drive through the next season without winning anything as the French car’s technology is inferior to that of Mclaren and Ferrari. But in formula one things can change very quickly.

This season’s championship, unfortunately, would be remembered for all the negative things, like the spy scandal, Alonso-Mclaren relationship rather than the remarkable title-winning last race achievement of Kimi Raikonen and the consitent driving of Lewis Hamilton. Hopefully, it will be a far less controversy-ridden formula one season.

Checkmate to Umakant Sharma Following Wireless Device Conspiracy

IS it comedy gold Bullion? Yes of course you rightly followed me! I am talking about the Indian Chess champ named Umakant Sharma who has been banned for 10 years for doing malpractices with the cutting-edge technology. The incident occurred when the chess player was caught red handed while making the use of illicit means i.e. Bluetooth device that is a cell phone during the recent chess event.

Talking to the media person Chess officials said that the culprit had been making use of such malpractices for last 18 months; the officials as well as opponents were a bit skeptical about the few last months’ rapid improvement in his game.

Sharma used to wear a stocking cap pulled over his ears and with the assistance of his co-conspirator who confirmed the moves on his PC outside the Hall advised him the looming moves.

Sharma exploited the technology for immoral means that is the contempt of mind game as well as all the grandmasters around the globe. The culprit has also put a question-mark over the capability of all other players that’s why the officials are snooping into the capability of other proficient players as well.

Via: cnn

Safina Upsets Hingis, Claims Aus. Woman’s Hard-court Title

Sports are always full of uncertainties – This is what exactly happened in the Australian woman’s hard-court championshipon the Gold Cost. The former world No. one Marat Safin’s Sister Dinara Safina of Russia caused the biggest upset of the season opener by comprehensively defeating the top seed Swiss Miss Martina Hingis. The Russian with the win bagged the 5th WTA singles title of her career.

The 20 year-old, Russian having struggled in a three hour long marathon in the semi-final, had no problems in posing her supremacy over Hingis in the finals defeating her for the title in just two hours. If you are planning to buy a gun safe, we would recommend you to go for biometric gun safes which are easy and quick to operate.

The loss would have been a definite emotional breakdown for the Swiss Miss considering her previous meetings where she had won on both the occasions however; she wasn’t reluctant in congratulating the Russian and appreciating the young talent. It shouldn’t take long for Hingis to mentally recover from here citing the first Grand Slam of the season the Australian Openbeginning just under 10 days from now (15 Jan).