How white water rafting works

Outdoor adventures have always been a great attraction and it is so common to have an adventuring bug these days. Mountaineering, surfing, scuba diving are a great attraction for outdoor enthusiasts, especially tourists and if you have done it all you are definitely inspired to do more of this which certainly draws some attention to Rafting.

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How does it work?

White water rafting is an outdoor adventure sport, which includes a Raft and a whole lot of other members to act as a team to come out alive from this. Although not being so deadly, generally involves healthy risk. So similar to any other adventurous sport you might know you may hold your breath and have the heart to go through this experience.

To be a part of this sport you require a Raft, a couple of paddles and a team of brave individuals ready to pull this off. You do this in any white water river or at some rough rivers as a choice. However, depending on your age and how much risk you can take you must make a sensible choice. To make it easy to choose this is further classified into 6 levels of difficulty: – class 1 and class 2 generally is for kids carrying families and is the easiest to be more certain, class 3 and class 4 are comparatively difficult and are cruel to you if you make any mistake, class 5 and class 6 are extremely difficult and is impossible to navigate.

As most of the rafting adventures are group based thus, choosing which type of raft to rent becomes a task. “Paddle rafts” usually seat 4 to 8 members a time including the guide. Popular among tourists paddle rafts are always in demand. Further rafts are categorized into “self-bailers” and “catarafts”. According to the amount of work, you want to do or the members you want to be you choose your pick for the raft you rent.

River rafting is an Olympic sport now and is extremely popular among tourists despite the immense risk it offers. Moreover, the number of skills you need to pull this off are rare including self-belief, team work and obviously the will to survive. White water rafting is an awesome adrenaline rush that mixes the thrill of dangerous white water with the camaraderie of a war movie, pitting you and a group of similarly petrified individuals against the best that nature has to throw at them. There is something about an experience like that, facing down an opponent staggeringly more powerful than you do, and that really brings a group together.

What are the Best Snorkeling Fins?

Fins are extremely important snorkeling gears. These have a wide, flat surface and let snorkelers travel easily beneath water. If the fins are larger, they offer more amount of force in the front direction. However, larger fins are bulkier as well and can restrict motion. Read and know what the best snorkeling fins are that you should go for and don’t forget a good dive watch too!

Check the fin size

The larger the fins, the more force they provide in the forward direction; but larger fins are also heavier and may impede motion. Medium-sized fins are reportedly best. Those in traditional or standard size are 24 – 26 inches long. The length has no association to the amount of kicking, power or speed of swimming. However, these are ideal for choppy or calm water. Fins in travel or trek size are smaller in form – usually 13 – 23 inches in length. However, you have to put in more effort to move through water while using such fins.

Fin type

You can find Snorkel fins in full-foot and heel-strap styles. Full-foot fins come with heels that are built in and worn in the form of shoes. Thus, these allow more comfort and are less clumsy. Heel-strap fins are more adjustable, and are ideal for kids. However, it is important to put on footwear beneath the fin. Given that fins that are directly worn on the feet can lead to blisters, if you are a beginner you would like to put on socks beneath them.

Tears or rips

Before you enter the water, you should also check the whether the fins have tears or rips. You can repair fins quickly with a few stitches and duct tape. When you purchase fins, it is essential to inspect the entire surface thoroughly – so that there are no holes or damages that you have to encounter after you dive with them.


When you purchase fins, it is also essential that you ensure they are in light in weight so that your movement is not hampered in any way. You need lightweight fins that can aid you in swimming. Check whether the fin blades are constructed of a polyurethane material that is flexible in form.


It is not that snorkeling fins can only be found in dull, standard designs. You can also find designer fins that have colorful patterns, which appeal to snorkelers who want to make a fashion statement even as they dive.

What is a Car Gun Safe?

As the owner of a firearm, the first thing that you need to do is ensure the safekeeping of your gun. Many people tend to drive with their gun in their dashboard, so as to access it easily in case they sense a break-in into their vehicle or mugging on the highway. However, this also leaves guns in the wrong hands. You have to ensure that you comply with the latest laws of your state with respect to gun security, and invest in a car gun safe.

What exactly is a Car Gun Safe?

As the name suggests, it is a gun safe designed especially to be kept in vehicles. It is basically a portable safe that can keep your valuable guns out of sight. Generally, the safe is made of steel and is secured with an electronic or biometric lock to keep guns hidden from view. The safe can be fit easily inside a car, truck or any other vehicle. In many cases, these are small enough to be kept beside the seat. The safes are screwed to the console cavity to secure them in the vehicle, and prevent them being stolen easily. Once the console lid is lowered the safe stays hidden from view.

What can car gun safes contain?

These are mainly designed to contain guns. However, you can also keep valuable papers such as gun license documents within many of them. This is because many such cases are designed with thermal inner pockets with foam lining that can ensure safekeeping of important documents. Even fires or water entering the cars cannot damage the guns or documents for at least an hour. By that time, you can take steps to extricate your car or at least, the safe that is contained inside your vehicle.

Gun safes of console vault style and non-portable, but let you access the USB ports easily. These can be secured to various parts of your vehicle, such as to the trunk to the car seat frame. Basically, your objective should be to get the ability to access your gun at any time you want.

How to choose a car gun safe?

It is important to look for a very strong and durable construction, such as one that is made out of aircraft grade steel. The safe should be portable or non-portable depending on your needs and choices. Look for ease of access, such as biometric technology, as well as resistance to elements such as fire and water.

Best gun safes for cars

Gun safes for cars are one of the safest and secure locations for owners who are carrying deadliest weapons. If you happen to be one of those owners you will indeed use a gun safe. It will protect your gun from theft, accidental discharge and injury, other unprecedented incidents.

What are the benefits of using a gun safe?

If you put yourself in the shoes of the officials who carry dangerous weapons, you will realize the vital importance of gun safes and the benefits that they provide. Besides providing a safe storage space in the car for your gun, they also have other benefits like:

  • Additional Storage:

Gun safes generally don’t hold only weapons, they also hold other important items such as official documents, paperwork, valuables and so on.

  • Well Organized:

They provide an organized space to keep each accessory of the weapon such as a silencer, the scope, rifles, and so on. Make sure you clean your gun properly before putting it away.

  • Portability:

They are very compact in size, thus aiding you in carrying the safe wherever you go, that is, either inside or outside the car.

  • Security:

Certain biometric gun safes such as fingerprint gun safes not only require a key to unlock or lock it, but also your fingerprint to open and access its contents.

Popular gun safes used in cars

You can generally use gun safes in the car if you are travelling a long distance. Following are some of the popular brands available nowadays:

  • Snapsafe Terklite Lock Box:

This type of gun safe can be an excellent travel company for you as it can fit in an average-size suitcase. You can also store it below the car seat or a compact drawer [if the car is equipped with drawers].

  • GunVault NanoVault 200:

If you are storing high-end weapons, then this is the most suitable gun safe. It has a lock system for you to easily operate when required. An additional memory foam in the interior will enable you to store piston guns without them getting scratches.

  • Shotlock Handgun 200M Solo-Vault:

This is a pistol safe which has a steel thickness of 10 gauge and an additional lifetime warranty. You can store small weapons such as pistols, knives and so on.

In conclusion, there are many other types of gun safes and pistol safes ranging from analog to digital gun safes. However, all of them will serve the purpose of protecting the gun when you are on the move.

Where are the best locations to dive on the Great Barrier reef

The Great Barrier Reef is an excellent diving spot with the clear waters and moderate depths. This region is ideal for both advanced as well as beginner divers. The water in the Great Reef barrier is warm throughout the year. During the winter the temperatures are as low as 70 while in summer as high as 80. The surrounding water bodies that make up the GBR island are a bit shallow with the deepest being sixty feet deep. The coral sea reefs located in the Northeast area have diving sites that are much deeper with some about three hundred feet deep. The visibility in a majority of the dive sites is between eighty to a hundred and fifty feet to give you a clear view of the aquatic life below and if you have a good fish finder you’ll see even more!

Challenger Bay, Ribbon Reefs

While scuba diving in the Great Barrier reef this is one of the dive sites that one should try. These region has ribbon reefs, coral garden and surgeonfish. The area offers a stellar night of diving with numerous nightly activity. The area offers a spectacular and amazing view of the aquatic life at night.

Cod Hole, Ribbon Reefs

This region offers an outstanding view of the aquatic life. The name of the site depicts fearlessness. Underwater photographers are fascinated by this area and it offers spectacular pieces.

Around the Bend, Osprey Reef

The area is typically recognized as a drift dive. The area begins with cleaning station consisting of popular manta. There is an abundance of exotic macro life that flush with a coral grotto.

Steve’s Bommie, Ribbon Reefs

This diving site has varying depth ranging from extremely deep to very shallow. The marine life available in this region is very diverse with the many corals making its highpoint. Some of the things that can be found here are scorpionfish, the stonefish and frogfish.

Acropolis, Ribbon Reefs

Currently the site has taken a hit but it is expected to make a comeback any time soon. The site is ideal for shallow diving. The site consists of a plateaued land with corals that are extremely hard. There are numerous reef fish of different colours that exist in this aquatic life among the plate and antlers.

Lighthouse Bommie, Ribbon Reefs

During the months of June and July it is winter in Australia and the minke whales migrate heading this direction. They often take a break in this site and play. This make the site interesting in addition to the secret macro collection.

Who Makes Winchester Gun Safes?

Winchester is a top gun company that has been around since 1866, and has been associated with the production of high quality guns such as the Winchester rifles that are popular the world over. However, it was not before 1991 that the company began to produce high quality Winchester safes for gun storage. These came to be known as Winchester gun safes. The company uses cutting edge techniques and materials to fabricate the safes that can keep guns well-protected. These can also help preserve gun accessories, license and other documents. Know about the advantages of these safes.

Burglar proof

These safes are constructed with high quality steel, usually of 8 – 9 gauge, which is thick enough to prevent cutting or drilling of the surface. Each gun safe from the brand is tested for being burglar proof. If safes are damaged by burglars, the company replaces them. In any case, these safes are offered with a limited lifetime warranty. The safe lock is offered with a 2-year warranty. Winchester has been in the gun industry for around 150 years and the best quality can be expected from them. Most of its safes are integrated with a unique Anti-Burglar System that can protect safes from all potential loopholes that could be exploited by burglars. There is a finger print scanner in such safes, ensuring there are no worries about theft of arms.

Fire resistance

These are fire resistant for up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, and can withstand such high temperatures for as long as 45 – 120 minutes. The tolerance to fire actually depends on the safe model that is chosen. In case of fire damage to a Winchester safe within the warranty period, the company replaces it. Safes with higher armament capacity are able to bear heat for a longer period as compared to those with a smaller capacity.

Solid construction

The build quality for these safes is excellent. There are various deadbolts that make sure that the guns contained inside are properly sealed from the outside. The thickness of steel and the use of a number of deadbolts ensure that the steel body and door cannot be easily cut through. Even with prying tools, these can be extremely tough to open manually. Winchester gun safes manufacturing plant is situated in the USA. The safes are designed to ensure that guns will not be damaged or affected even while the safes are in transit.

Wide Width Water Shoes – How to Choose the Best Ones?

It is important to find good wide width water shoes for feet that are bigger in width. Simultaneously womens wide width water shoes are slightly different to mens, so you need to look for both types.Water shoes need to fit people with wide feet and also need to pass proper standards as far as features, appearance and quality are concerned. It is essential to compare the pros and cons and features of various wide water shoes in order to choose the best ones for wide feet.

Look at the features

Choose water shoes that have superior features, such as an adjustable strap system that are ideal for adventures. Look for shoes that keep the toe protected, fit wide feet in a more secure way and offer an amphibious traction that can match the type of outdoor water activities that you want. The best wide width water shoes are stable and open enough on the foot. These are convenient enough to slip onto the feet, even for people who have wide feet.

Check the design and suitability to purpose

In case your feet are wide and you are looking for appropriate water shoes, choose one that is designed for the type of purpose that you have in mind. Look for ones that have toe and heel bumper and an anti-slip and non-marking outer sole, in case you want more protection. These have water flow mesh of breathable variety, and have a stretch upper made of neoprene. Those with pull tabs can easily be slipped on. With a pair of sleek shoes, you can jog by the beach or paddle in the river and be protected from broken glass, sharp rock and other injurious hazards.

Look at the comfort factor

Wide width water shoes are extremely comfortable when these have a comfortable traction, a non-slip rubber sole, a fabric upper and mesh construction. Those having a drawstring closure can fit securely and easily. Such kinds of shoes are the best mix of fashion, style and affordability. You require a pair of water shoes that are the most comfortable for your wide feet and let you increase your enjoyment of water activities.

Even if you have wide feet, it is possible to enjoy water activities when you wear wide width water shoes. With some amount of guidance, it is possible to choose a pair of shoes that compliments your foot appropriately. The tips mentioned above can help you to choose shoes that let you be comfortable and keep your wider feet well-accommodated.

Best Cenotes to dive in Mexico

Ton spice up the routine diving that are mostly done on the Caribbean divers can indulge in new types of diving like the scuba-diving in the cenotes. The cenote scuba diving is where divers go underwater in something like a cave but it is more interesting and advantageous. In Mexico the Yucatan cenotes are considered the best and have gained immense popularity among the locals as well as foreigners.

What is a cenote?

Cenote is a Spanish word that is used to refer to tunnels or caves that have been created as a result of the limestone rocks collapsing. The collapsed rocks leave craters which can be easily seen from the water surface which are then filled with water that is crystal clear.

The greatest number of cenotes in the entire globe are located in Mexico most especially the Yucatan region. The cenotes are widespread and can be found almost anywhere. There are some cenotes that can be found in the deep parts of the jungle while some can be found in the city surrounding the freshwater wells. Cenotes are available in diverse shapes as well as sizes. There are vertical cenotes which appear as huge wells that are filled with water while some appear as genuine passages underwater with huge pools. The Maya community regarded the cenotes as the doors which were scared and paved way to different worlds. It has also been discovered that the cenotes were used as animal sacrifices as well as human sacrifices. As of now there are four cenotes that have been discovered to have been used for such purposes.

Diving in a Cenote

Scuba diving in a cenote is extremely exciting while at the same time interesting. The water found in the cenote is crystal clear, pure and transparent. The ceiling of the tunnels are filled with many stalactites covered in green roots. The tunnels at time lead to other areas where the sun rays penetrate the dark caves through tiny openings. In order for an individual to qualify to dive in a cenote they need to at least have a level one in open water or similar qualifications. Buoyancy is an integral part of cenote diving.

Where to go cenote diving

The best places to go cenote diving in Mexico include the casa cenote which is about eight metres deep, Taj Mahal which is 15 metres, Cenote Angelita which is 60 metres, Cenote Car Wash which is 16 metres, The Chak Mool which is 14 metres, Cenote Eden which is 15 metres and Zapote which is 60 metres deep.

Best fresh water diving locations in America

Divers who do not reside within close proximity of the freshwater dive locations have to search for regions that have them. The United States of America has many fresh water diving locations that can facilitate divers who do not reside near the coast. The environmental conditions of fresh water dive locations are much better and exquisite as compared to the salty water diving. The aquatic life in fresh water dive locations is very unique. The most distinctive feature about the fresh water dives is that they water is clear hence providing the diver with clear visibility. A majority of fresh water dives are also connected to underwater caves which makes them appealing especially to cave divers throughout the globe

Mermet Springs, IL

The Mermet spring is located on the southern part of Illinois. This is the fresh water dive location that was featured in the movie called “U.S. Marshalls” depicting the area where the plane crushed. The dive area is composed of different depths which makes it ideal for divers in all levels ranging from novice divers to those that collect sunken items. There is a full service dive shop, hotels and restaurants that make the area a popular site to be visited especially on weekends.

Pennyroyal Scuba, Hopkinsville, KY

The depth of this diving site is about a hundred and twenty feet deep and the visibility can stretch up to fifty feet deep. The Pennyroyal Scuba Centre Blue Springs Resort is located in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The diving site is mainly open  when the weather is warm starting from April to October. The diving site is located in a twenty two acre freshwater quarry that is fed by a spring. The site has many exciting and interesting things to offer such as treasure hunting and exploration by use of different tools  ranging from RV, boats and helicopters

Lake Michigan

This is one of the greatest lakes that is located in the United States of America. It is considered one of the most extraordinary fresh water dive location in America. It is estimated that there are more than four hundred wrecks that can be spotted at the Lake Michigan bottom. About twenty of the wrecks can be found very few miles from the Illinois shoreline in Chicago. The city where the freshwater dive is located is among the most popular cities in the universe which guarantees that divers will have everything they need to enjoy exploring the aquatic life below as well as the numerous sunken ships.

Best Kayak Brands You Should Consider

One of the most popular outdoor sports is kayaking. It offers so much fun and a unique view for those who love open waterways. It is not easy to have fun kayaking, you have to get right practice and also get right brands of kayak. You can’t choose it randomly, you may need to get recommendations before you get serious into this sport. When you can pick the best kayak brands, the excitement and also the riding experience will be different. You can glide while you enjoy the water sight.

There are many places you can do kayaks like smooth lakes, ocean waves, or even swift rivers. Choose any place you want, the most important thing in enjoying them is choosing the best brands of kayak. Kayak will help you to enjoy and explore the sight of waterways. It is not easy to choose kayak brands, but when you can pick the right recommendation, then you will get long-term excitement in playing this sport. If you want to get the best kayak brands, then you have to see this list and make quick comparison between one to another brand, so you can choose the best one. Here are top brands you can consider on wish list.

best kayak brands

Ocean Kayak

In choosing best kayak brands, you have to know where to do kayak. You have to understand your area because manufacturers will not make kayak for your needs, but you have to make it fit your needs. Choose kayak type that will let you free to explore the surface of the water. If you consider the capability of kayak to give you easy maneuver, then choose the brand that suits the features like that. Ocean Kayak is one of the best kayak brands you cannot leave. It’s established in 1971. This brand leads to innovative and new features that will keep the player to get addicted to kayaking because the comfort and safety of Ocean Kayak are beyond expectation. There are many types of Ocean Kayak which you can choose based on your needs.

Dagger Kayak

Our second best is Dagger Kayak. It will let you explore joyfully on the waterways you have chosen. No matter you are kayaking, Dagger Kayak will never fail to excite you. They offer various type of Kayak depending on water surface chosen from mountain to sea. The challenge you pick for kayaking has been covered by various types of Dagger Kayak. They do manufacture based on the types of water surface so you will not regret once you get one. Choose the best kayak brands, and Dagger Kayak is one of them that you cannot avoid.

Lifetime Product

Since 1986, Lifetime had been serious in making outdoor equipment for any occasion including for camping, picnic, and kayaking. What makes this brand as one of the best kayak brands is the durability that could be the most durable kayak with basic features of kayak. They keep the simplicity in comfort and features because when you are kayaking, the only thing you want must be the excitement and experience. So, you will not make your story ruined by amateur kayak brand that might be problem for your hobby.