What is a Car Gun Safe?

As the owner of a firearm, the first thing that you need to do is ensure the safekeeping of your gun. Many people tend to drive with their gun in their dashboard, so as to access it easily in case they sense a break-in into their vehicle or mugging on the highway. However, this also leaves guns in the wrong hands. You have to ensure that you comply with the latest laws of your state with respect to gun security, and invest in a car gun safe.

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What exactly is a Car Gun Safe?

As the name suggests, it is a gun safe designed especially to be kept in vehicles. It is basically a portable safe that can keep your valuable guns out of sight. Generally, the safe is made of steel and is secured with an electronic or biometric lock to keep guns hidden from view. The safe can be fit easily inside a car, truck or any other vehicle. In many cases, these are small enough to be kept beside the seat. The safes are screwed to the console cavity to secure them in the vehicle, and prevent them being stolen easily. Once the console lid is lowered the safe stays hidden from view.

What can car gun safes contain?

These are mainly designed to contain guns. However, you can also keep valuable papers such as gun license documents within many of them. This is because many such cases are designed with thermal inner pockets with foam lining that can ensure safekeeping of important documents. Even fires or water entering the cars cannot damage the guns or documents for at least an hour. By that time, you can take steps to extricate your car or at least, the safe that is contained inside your vehicle.

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Gun safes of console vault style and non-portable, but let you access the USB ports easily. These can be secured to various parts of your vehicle, such as to the trunk to the car seat frame. Basically, your objective should be to get the ability to access your gun at any time you want.

How to choose a car gun safe?

It is important to look for a very strong and durable construction, such as one that is made out of aircraft grade steel. The safe should be portable or non-portable depending on your needs and choices. Look for ease of access, such as biometric technology, as well as resistance to elements such as fire and water.

Best gun safes for cars

Gun safes for cars are one of the safest and secure locations for owners who are carrying deadliest weapons. If you happen to be one of those owners you will indeed use a gun safe. It will protect your gun from theft, accidental discharge and injury, other unprecedented incidents.

What are the benefits of using a gun safe?

If you put yourself in the shoes of the officials who carry dangerous weapons, you will realize the vital importance of gun safes and the benefits that they provide. Besides providing a safe storage space in the car for your gun, they also have other benefits like:

  • Additional Storage:

Gun safes generally don’t hold only weapons, they also hold other important items such as official documents, paperwork, valuables and so on.

  • Well Organized:

They provide an organized space to keep each accessory of the weapon such as a silencer, the scope, rifles, and so on. Make sure you clean your gun properly before putting it away.

  • Portability:

They are very compact in size, thus aiding you in carrying the safe wherever you go, that is, either inside or outside the car.

  • Security:

Certain biometric gun safes such as fingerprint gun safes not only require a key to unlock or lock it, but also your fingerprint to open and access its contents.

Popular gun safes used in cars

You can generally use gun safes in the car if you are travelling a long distance. Following are some of the popular brands available nowadays:

  • Snapsafe Terklite Lock Box:

This type of gun safe can be an excellent travel company for you as it can fit in an average-size suitcase. You can also store it below the car seat or a compact drawer [if the car is equipped with drawers].

  • GunVault NanoVault 200:

If you are storing high-end weapons, then this is the most suitable gun safe. It has a lock system for you to easily operate when required. An additional memory foam in the interior will enable you to store piston guns without them getting scratches.

  • Shotlock Handgun 200M Solo-Vault:

This is a pistol safe which has a steel thickness of 10 gauge and an additional lifetime warranty. You can store small weapons such as pistols, knives and so on.

In conclusion, there are many other types of gun safes and pistol safes ranging from analog to digital gun safes. However, all of them will serve the purpose of protecting the gun when you are on the move.

Who Makes Winchester Gun Safes?

Winchester is a top gun company that has been around since 1866, and has been associated with the production of high quality guns such as the Winchester rifles that are popular the world over. However, it was not before 1991 that the company began to produce high quality Winchester safes for gun storage. These came to be known as Winchester gun safes. The company uses cutting edge techniques and materials to fabricate the safes that can keep guns well-protected. These can also help preserve gun accessories, license and other documents. Know about the advantages of these safes.

Burglar proof

These safes are constructed with high quality steel, usually of 8 – 9 gauge, which is thick enough to prevent cutting or drilling of the surface. Each gun safe from the brand is tested for being burglar proof. If safes are damaged by burglars, the company replaces them. In any case, these safes are offered with a limited lifetime warranty. The safe lock is offered with a 2-year warranty. Winchester has been in the gun industry for around 150 years and the best quality can be expected from them. Most of its safes are integrated with a unique Anti-Burglar System that can protect safes from all potential loopholes that could be exploited by burglars. There is a finger print scanner in such safes, ensuring there are no worries about theft of arms.

Fire resistance

These are fire resistant for up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, and can withstand such high temperatures for as long as 45 – 120 minutes. The tolerance to fire actually depends on the safe model that is chosen. In case of fire damage to a Winchester safe within the warranty period, the company replaces it. Safes with higher armament capacity are able to bear heat for a longer period as compared to those with a smaller capacity.

Solid construction

The build quality for these safes is excellent. There are various deadbolts that make sure that the guns contained inside are properly sealed from the outside. The thickness of steel and the use of a number of deadbolts ensure that the steel body and door cannot be easily cut through. Even with prying tools, these can be extremely tough to open manually. Winchester gun safes manufacturing plant is situated in the USA. The safes are designed to ensure that guns will not be damaged or affected even while the safes are in transit.

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