Checkmate to Umakant Sharma Following Wireless Device Conspiracy

IS it comedy gold Bullion? Yes of course you rightly followed me! I am talking about the Indian Chess champ named Umakant Sharma who has been banned for 10 years for doing malpractices with the cutting-edge technology. The incident occurred when the chess player was caught red handed while making the use of illicit means i.e. Bluetooth device that is a cell phone during the recent chess event.

Talking to the media person Chess officials said that the culprit had been making use of such malpractices for last 18 months; the officials as well as opponents were a bit skeptical about the few last months’ rapid improvement in his game.

Sharma used to wear a stocking cap pulled over his ears and with the assistance of his co-conspirator who confirmed the moves on his PC outside the Hall advised him the looming moves.

Sharma exploited the technology for immoral means that is the contempt of mind game as well as all the grandmasters around the globe. The culprit has also put a question-mark over the capability of all other players that’s why the officials are snooping into the capability of other proficient players as well.

Via: cnn

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