Best Cenotes to dive in Mexico

Ton spice up the routine diving that are mostly done on the Caribbean divers can indulge in new types of diving like the scuba-diving in the cenotes. The cenote scuba diving is where divers go underwater in something like a cave but it is more interesting and advantageous. In Mexico the Yucatan cenotes are considered the best and have gained immense popularity among the locals as well as foreigners.

What is a cenote?

Cenote is a Spanish word that is used to refer to tunnels or caves that have been created as a result of the limestone rocks collapsing. The collapsed rocks leave craters which can be easily seen from the water surface which are then filled with water that is crystal clear.

The greatest number of cenotes in the entire globe are located in Mexico most especially the Yucatan region. The cenotes are widespread and can be found almost anywhere. There are some cenotes that can be found in the deep parts of the jungle while some can be found in the city surrounding the freshwater wells. Cenotes are available in diverse shapes as well as sizes. There are vertical cenotes which appear as huge wells that are filled with water while some appear as genuine passages underwater with huge pools. The Maya community regarded the cenotes as the doors which were scared and paved way to different worlds. It has also been discovered that the cenotes were used as animal sacrifices as well as human sacrifices. As of now there are four cenotes that have been discovered to have been used for such purposes.

Diving in a Cenote

Scuba diving in a cenote is extremely exciting while at the same time interesting. The water found in the cenote is crystal clear, pure and transparent. The ceiling of the tunnels are filled with many stalactites covered in green roots. The tunnels at time lead to other areas where the sun rays penetrate the dark caves through tiny openings. In order for an individual to qualify to dive in a cenote they need to at least have a level one in open water or similar qualifications. Buoyancy is an integral part of cenote diving.

Where to go cenote diving

The best places to go cenote diving in Mexico include the casa cenote which is about eight metres deep, Taj Mahal which is 15 metres, Cenote Angelita which is 60 metres, Cenote Car Wash which is 16 metres, The Chak Mool which is 14 metres, Cenote Eden which is 15 metres and Zapote which is 60 metres deep.

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