Best fresh water diving locations in America

Divers who do not reside within close proximity of the freshwater dive locations have to search for regions that have them. The United States of America has many fresh water diving locations that can facilitate divers who do not reside near the coast. The environmental conditions of fresh water dive locations are much better and exquisite as compared to the salty water diving. The aquatic life in fresh water dive locations is very unique. The most distinctive feature about the fresh water dives is that they water is clear hence providing the diver with clear visibility. A majority of fresh water dives are also connected to underwater caves which makes them appealing especially to cave divers throughout the globe

Mermet Springs, IL

The Mermet spring is located on the southern part of Illinois. This is the fresh water dive location that was featured in the movie called “U.S. Marshalls” depicting the area where the plane crushed. The dive area is composed of different depths which makes it ideal for divers in all levels ranging from novice divers to those that collect sunken items. There is a full service dive shop, hotels and restaurants that make the area a popular site to be visited especially on weekends.

Pennyroyal Scuba, Hopkinsville, KY

The depth of this diving site is about a hundred and twenty feet deep and the visibility can stretch up to fifty feet deep. The Pennyroyal Scuba Centre Blue Springs Resort is located in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The diving site is mainly open  when the weather is warm starting from April to October. The diving site is located in a twenty two acre freshwater quarry that is fed by a spring. The site has many exciting and interesting things to offer such as treasure hunting and exploration by use of different tools  ranging from RV, boats and helicopters

Lake Michigan

This is one of the greatest lakes that is located in the United States of America. It is considered one of the most extraordinary fresh water dive location in America. It is estimated that there are more than four hundred wrecks that can be spotted at the Lake Michigan bottom. About twenty of the wrecks can be found very few miles from the Illinois shoreline in Chicago. The city where the freshwater dive is located is among the most popular cities in the universe which guarantees that divers will have everything they need to enjoy exploring the aquatic life below as well as the numerous sunken ships.

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