Mclaren and Fernando Alonso part ways

Two-time formula one world champion Fernando Alonso has agreed to leave the Mclaren team after just one year into the three-year contract. The Spaniard joined Mclaren from French team Renault at the start of the year. Mclaren boss Ron Denis announced that the contract was terminated by mutual consent.

The Mclaren-Alonso relationship was a turbulent one throughout the season and the Spaniard accused the racing team of favouritism towards rookie teammate Lewis Hamilton. Many thought that Fernando Alonso was throwing these accusations just because his pride and ego were getting hurt by the brilliant driving of a driver who was in his very first season in formula one driving. According to reports Fernando Alonso threatened team boss Ron Denis of providing secret information to the FIA regarding the Ferrari-Mclaren spy scandal until and unless he was made the number one driver of the team which led to a furious row between the two. The situation was so bad that the two men were not on speaking terms for most of the second half of the season.

It remains to be seen where is the likely destination of Fernando Alonso for the next championship season, but if popular beliefs are to go by, the Spaniard will rejoin his old team Renault in a swapping deal with the French team’s Finnish driver Heiki Kovalainen who will in turn join Mclaren. But for Alonso, joining Renault would mean that there is a danger for the great driver to drive through the next season without winning anything as the French car’s technology is inferior to that of Mclaren and Ferrari. But in formula one things can change very quickly.

This season’s championship, unfortunately, would be remembered for all the negative things, like the spy scandal, Alonso-Mclaren relationship rather than the remarkable title-winning last race achievement of Kimi Raikonen and the consitent driving of Lewis Hamilton. Hopefully, it will be a far less controversy-ridden formula one season.

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