What are the Best Snorkeling Fins?

Fins are extremely important snorkeling gears. These have a wide, flat surface and let snorkelers travel easily beneath water. If the fins are larger, they offer more amount of force in the front direction. However, larger fins are bulkier as well and can restrict motion. Read and know what the best snorkeling fins are that you should go for and don’t forget a good dive watch too!

Check the fin size

The larger the fins, the more force they provide in the forward direction; but larger fins are also heavier and may impede motion. Medium-sized fins are reportedly best. Those in traditional or standard size are 24 – 26 inches long. The length has no association to the amount of kicking, power or speed of swimming. However, these are ideal for choppy or calm water. Fins in travel or trek size are smaller in form – usually 13 – 23 inches in length. However, you have to put in more effort to move through water while using such fins.

Fin type

You can find Snorkel fins in full-foot and heel-strap styles. Full-foot fins come with heels that are built in and worn in the form of shoes. Thus, these allow more comfort and are less clumsy. Heel-strap fins are more adjustable, and are ideal for kids. However, it is important to put on footwear beneath the fin. Given that fins that are directly worn on the feet can lead to blisters, if you are a beginner you would like to put on socks beneath them.

Tears or rips

Before you enter the water, you should also check the whether the fins have tears or rips. You can repair fins quickly with a few stitches and duct tape. When you purchase fins, it is essential to inspect the entire surface thoroughly – so that there are no holes or damages that you have to encounter after you dive with them.


When you purchase fins, it is also essential that you ensure they are in light in weight so that your movement is not hampered in any way. You need lightweight fins that can aid you in swimming. Check whether the fin blades are constructed of a polyurethane material that is flexible in form.


It is not that snorkeling fins can only be found in dull, standard designs. You can also find designer fins that have colorful patterns, which appeal to snorkelers who want to make a fashion statement even as they dive.

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