Where are the best locations to dive on the Great Barrier reef

The Great Barrier Reef is an excellent diving spot with the clear waters and moderate depths. This region is ideal for both advanced as well as beginner divers. The water in the Great Reef barrier is warm throughout the year. During the winter the temperatures are as low as 70 while in summer as high as 80. The surrounding water bodies that make up the GBR island are a bit shallow with the deepest being sixty feet deep. The coral sea reefs located in the Northeast area have diving sites that are much deeper with some about three hundred feet deep. The visibility in a majority of the dive sites is between eighty to a hundred and fifty feet to give you a clear view of the aquatic life below.

Challenger Bay, Ribbon Reefs

While scuba diving in the Great Barrier reef this is one of the dive sites that one should try. These region has ribbon reefs, coral garden and surgeonfish. The area offers a stellar night of diving with numerous nightly activity. The area offers a spectacular and amazing view of the aquatic life at night.

Cod Hole, Ribbon Reefs

This region offers an outstanding view of the aquatic life. The name of the site depicts fearlessness. Underwater photographers are fascinated by this area and it offers spectacular pieces.

Around the Bend, Osprey Reef

The area is typically recognized as a drift dive. The area begins with cleaning station consisting of popular manta. There is an abundance of exotic macro life that flush with a coral grotto.

Steve’s Bommie, Ribbon Reefs

This diving site has varying depth ranging from extremely deep to very shallow. The marine life available in this region is very diverse with the many corals making its highpoint. Some of the things that can be found here are scorpionfish, the stonefish and frogfish.

Acropolis, Ribbon Reefs

Currently the site has taken a hit but it is expected to make a comeback any time soon. The site is ideal for shallow diving. The site consists of a plateaued land with corals that are extremely hard. There are numerous reef fish of different colours that exist in this aquatic life among the plate and antlers.

Lighthouse Bommie, Ribbon Reefs

During the months of June and July it is winter in Australia and the minke whales migrate heading this direction. They often take a break in this site and play. This make the site interesting in addition to the secret macro collection.

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